WATCH: Tommy Robinson Releases Preview of Documentary Exposing Antisemitism in London & the Persecution of Yisroel Shalom

Yisroel Shalom prophesized his own death in a 2014 interview with Tommy Robinson.

How widespread is antisemitism in London? British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson will be addressing that question in his upcoming documentary, which highlights the life and untimely death of Yisroel Shalom, who prophesized his own death during a heartbreaking interview with Robinson in 2014.


Yisroel Shalom was a Jewish man who moved down from Scotland to the London borough of Newham. Yisroel lost his driving licence, so he ended up having to walk a lot, catch a bus or a taxi. Tommy tells the story of a Jewish mans lived experiences, his torments and his persecution, ultimately leading up to his death.

Tommy will show you evidence of police reports that detail literally hundreds of anti-Semitic attacks, all brushed under the carpet, ignored or not taken seriously.

A new online hate crime unit led by former Imam Police Constable Emad Choudhury targets those perceived of “wrong think,” such as in the recent of case of “Fahrenheit211,” a Jewish journalist who was ripped from his home, had his possessions seized and was arrested without charges. As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Fahrenheit211 wrote in part:

It should go without saying that I will vigorously fight this iffy arrest and the equally iffy political and communal forces behind it. However I’m fighting not just for myself, but also for the thousands of other Britons who have been persecuted by these ludicrous and unjust ‘hate speech’ laws.

Please note the contrast in the bolded portions of the quotes above. Robinson also targets the Labour Party in his film, citing their “links to institutional anti-Semitism and the education system.”

Watch the preview:

While leftist politicians pay lip-service to the ongoing persecution of Jewish Brits, they are directly in bed with pro-Hamas groups, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists and anti-Israel organizations. This dangerous trend is also rising in America, with leftist politicians openly disparaging Israel and working with Hamas-linked CAIR.

RAIR’s Amy Mek called out the British left’s rampant antisemitism earlier this year, and warned America:

While the left looks the other way when antisemitism occurs in the United Kingdom, those who dare to question the response to Islamic terror attacks are imprisoned.

Tommy Robinson, who has been heavily persecuted himself, has lost his vast social media platform, and depends on the grassroots to share his message. Not only has Tommy Robinson’s massive social media profile been scrubbed, but even positive comments about Tommy Robinson on Facebook are deleted, and profiles favorable to Robinson are banned.

One can find direct info about Tommy Robinson and other independent reporting at Donate to a REAL grassroots effort here.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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