WATCH: Trump Addresses #Blexit at White House; Leftists Lose Their Minds

The sour grapes from the left were so over-the-top that they were almost comical.

On Saturday, President Trump addressed the #Blexit group for his first public speaking event since being diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus on the evening of October 1st. The event triggered the radical left, who appears to be devastated that President Trump has fully recovered and to add insult to injury, he was addressing black Americans.

In response to the speech, Twitter was trending the “Hatch Act,” which many partisan activists claim the President is violating. The sour grapes from the left were so over-the-top that they were almost comical.

The Hatch Act: A short Primer

The Hatch Act was passed directly in response to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s exploitation of federal government employees. As explained at, the legislation was “created following concern that FDR had pressured federal employees from the Works Progress Administration, a relief agency, into working on campaigns of candidates who were his allies or supporters.” The Hatch Act was significantly watered down under former President Bill Clinton and again under Former President Barack Obama, who held highly partisan events in the White House and regularly rewarded people based on their political ideology.

The goal of the Hatch Act is:

“…to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion, to protect federal employees from political coercion in the workplace, and to ensure that federal employees are advanced based on merit and not based on political affiliation.​​​​”

According to the Office of Special Council, “all federal civilian executive branch employees are covered by the Hatch Act” with the exception of the “President and Vice President.

With this in mind, take a look at the following Tweets:

The Right Scoop posted the coverage from several outlets on Saturday.

Watch his speech here:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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