'We Are All Children of Christian Civilization': Trump and Conservative Leaders Worldwide Join Forces To Support Spain's Vox Party

Vox is one of the few conservative parties worldwide willing to defend their national sovereignty and identity from all enemies, foreign and domestic, at any cost.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has thrown his support behind one of Europe’s most electrifying conservative parties, Spain’s Vox Party. Trump appeared in a video shown at last Sunday’s Vox rally in Madrid. The rally also featured video messages by conservative leaders worldwide congratulating and supporting Vox for their continued electoral gains across Spain.

Vox is the “Make Spain Great Again Party” that defends traditional Spanish values and borders and has a Trump-like message. Vox is the third-most popular political party in the country, and its the fastest-growing. They have risen to prominence on their strong anti-illegal immigration agenda. In addition, they are one of the few conservative parties worldwide willing to defend their national sovereignty and identity from all foreign and domestic enemies at any cost. 

The Vox rally featured video appearances by Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe, Chilean conservative politician José Antonio Kast, the daughter of former Bolivian interim president Jeanine Añez, and U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz. In addition, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave a powerful in-person speech.

President Trump

Speaking via video message from a private airplane, former U.S. President Donald Trump praised the Vox party for continuing to promote conservative values and thanked its leader, Santiago Abascal, for the “incredible job that he does.”

“It’s a very unique situation that we’re all in, but we have to make sure that we protect our borders and we do lots of very good conservative things,” Trump said, adding that “Spain is a great country, and we want to keep it a great country.

“So congratulations to Vox for so many great messages that you get out to the people of Spain and the people of the world, and, again to Santiago, I’d like to congratulate you and thank you very much for the incredible job you do,” Trump added.

Abascal returned the flattery when he took to the stage at the outdoor venue. “My thanks to President Donald Trump, a visionary in the fight for sovereign nations, a visionary in the fight for secure borders, who has had to suffer [attacks] from the most powerful establishment in the world and the largest media attack that any world leader has had to face in recent memory,” Abascal told the crowd of several thousand Spaniards, many proudly waving their country’s red-and-yellow flags.

Viktor Orbán

In a pre-recorded message, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressed the attendees of the VIVA ’22 rally, saying it was a “good custom that you meet under Spanish flags every year.

“We also do it in Hungary because it is good for our hearts and souls and because it causes a heart attack for globalist liberals,” Orbán added.

He urged fellow European conservatives to continue to fight the challenges facing Europe. “We have to continue fighting for national interests. We must defend against bureaucrats in Brussels and keep our customs and sovereignty.”

The Hungarian prime minister said European conservatives “cannot allow millions of illegal immigrants to invade the states of the European Union” and called on his political allies to “watch over our way of life and our culture, defend our children and our families from globalist ideology.”

“The train from Rome has just arrived in Brussels,” Orbán hailed, referring to Giorgi Meloni’s electoral victory in Italy last month, “and the Madrid train, led by my friend, Santiago Abascal, will leave very soon,” he predicted.

Giorgia Meloni

Meloni pre-recorded a nearly nine-minute address for the Spanish audience, in which she urged to “go ahead with humility and truth, and people will understand.”

Meloni, who heads Italy’s largest party after recent elections and will likely be appointed the Prime Minister, focused on an anti-globalization message and anti-mass-illegal immigration.

She wants “a pragmatic Europe that, for example, pursues the environmental transition without destroying its productive fabric and giving itself hand and foot to China; that welcomes those who arrive from other countries legally to work and defends its external borders against illegal immigration with the outside world; that invests in the birth rate and defends educational freedom and the social role of the family.”

During a portion of Meloni’s video message, she said, “We are not monsters; the people understand that. So long live Vox, long live Spain, long live Italy, long live Europe patriots. Only by winning in our countries can Europe become a political giant that we want, and not a bureaucratic giant.”

Mateusz Morawiecki

Poland’s Morawiecki, who physically attended the rally, also used the opportunity to heavily criticize the current trajectory of the European Union, accusing the bloc of “turning its back on tradition” and Brussels bureaucrats of “expanding their powers to create a transnational beast without true and traditional values, and without a soul.”

“For years, there has been a silent war in Europe against the values on which our civilization was built,” Morawiecki said.

“We are all children of Christian civilization; we must not forget it. Therefore, I will not apologize for the fact that I am a Pole, that I am a Christian, that I am someone attached to such supposedly outdated values as truth, freedom, solidarity, and law and justice,” he added.

He concluded:  “We must give power back to the real creators of today’s Europe, to its peoples… We will protect our homes and our values. We will protect our homelands. “

Ted Cruz

The Vox rally also featured a video appearance by Ted Cruz. “On the one side, there are the global elites, and the global left, which is growing evermore thuggish and violent; on the other side are conservative populists, who share the values of God, and country and family and freedom,” said Senator Cuz. “Sometimes the left scores dangerous victories, as we saw in Colombia. Sometimes the good guys win, as we saw in Italy.”

Cruz said he hoped the gains of the global right will include a landslide Republican win at the U.S. congressional midterm election next month. Trump has been campaigning for conservative candidates in the Nov. 8, 2022, election and is pondering another presidential run in 2024.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Isn’t Meloni also Schwab’s ass licker? The Trojan horse, or not???
    Don’t trust anybody that is brainwashed and drilled by WEF!
    They are very dangerous people, take for example Just-in Through-The-Ass (false name “Trudeau”) Marin, Macron, Zelensky, and the rest.

  • Is it true that ‘we are all children of christian civilization’? Jesus said except a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. He went on to say except a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God.Those who have been born (of the flesh) are not christians (by birth) and as Jesus said must be born again to become Christians. See the Gospel of John, chapter 3 and seek the kingdom of God through the resurrected Jesus of Nazereth.

  • Do not be fooled: except Orban, EVERYONE else has followed the narrative about Covid, and everyone (especially Abascal) enthusiastically follows the script of the NATO-Globalist war against Russia (the grotesque images of the entire Spanish parliament, with Vox at the head, applauding like seals the mass murderer and puppet of the Globalists, Zelensky, as they testify) As a Spaniard, I can say that Vox really is a FAKE anti-globalist party, which intends to privatize the entire country and hand it over to the Globalist- AngloZionist (not by chance it is financed by the Iranian “opposition”, based in London and in the service of Israel)

  • “BIDEN, eating ice cream: “Our economy is strong as hell” ”

    To watch that idiot on TV is better than Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy.
    Biden The Toilet Bidet, please stop, or I die laughing! Please, can somebody stop that idiot from being in front of cameras and opening his mouth? Please!
    Please feed that idiot ice cream nonstop so that his anus freeze permanently.
    Thank you!

  • There is NO such thing as a ‘christian civilization’. Trump is not a born again believer as of yet, he stated this – “Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” asked Trump. “I work hard, I’m an honorable person.” He clearly does not understand what repentance even means. He sat under the teachings of Norman Vincent Peale, a motivational speaker disguised as ‘preacher’. Christ’s sheep are born from above, they have ‘ears to hear’. Trump does not. He also spoke at Davos twice. Do NOT believe ANYTHING these people say. They are all on the same team. Being ‘conservative’ is not any better than being ‘liberal’. They are two wings of the same dirty bird.


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