'We're not going away:' Pro-Trump Canadian Patriots Set Up Encampment to Protect the National War Memorial (WATCH)

We want President Trump to know that the patriots in Canada are on the “same page” with the American President “in spite of what the mainstream media and the propaganda machines are telling him.”

In a RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interview, independent media journalist Wayne Peters explained that he is embedded with a group who set up an encampment at the War Memorial in downtown Ottawa across from Parliament to protect it from left-wing vandals, who are targeting historical monuments and statues across the globe in an effort to erase history.

Five days after a “very large, successful” protest on Canada Day held on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Ontario, RAIR’s own Vlad Tepes caught up with Wayne Peters of What’s Up Canada? who agreed that his encampment is a “continuation” of a movement that started on Canada Day, which was intended in part to show America’s President Donald Trump that Canadians support him.

The rally, whose participants were openly protesting against Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and chanted “We Love Trump!” received little coverage if any in the mainstream media, but had hundreds, if not thousands more people than the cynical “Cancel Canada Day” rally which had “more than 100 people” according to the CBC. In that rally, the CBC reported that the angry protesters carried signs and gave speeches “demanding that Canada Day be cancelled, due to the country’s colonial past.”

RAIR Foundation USA reported that 1,500 patriots attended the Canada Day event while a commenter wrote that “5,000” people attended. Either way, the event was a massive success, with patriots starting a “movement,” according to Wayne Peters. While the spirit of patriotism was strong on Canada Day, Peters explained that the event was “done as a protest, not as a celebration.”

“The intent of it [the Canada Day Rally] was to get Mr. Trump’s attention down south of the border,” Peters explained. He continued to say that it was important for President Trump to know that the patriots in Canada are on the “same page” with the American President “in spite of what the mainstream media and the propaganda machines are telling him.” Peters acknowledged that Americans are also “fighting the same problem” of being misrepresented by the mainstream media.

Regarding the encampment to protect Canada’s National War Memorial, Peters said that the group “is growing. It’s small at this point but they have an amazing [social] media presence,” Peters explained.

Peters also addressed the long time encroachments on the rights of Canadians that have been taking place over the last 90 years which he asserted, was an affront to a “sovereign nation.” “We want Canada free,” he said, denouncing Trudeau’s vision of a “postnational state,” where Canadians are at risk of losing their sovereignty.

As those words start to sink in and have meaning, Peters said, “[P]eople are starting to figure out this is absolutely nothing but a hostile fascist takeover of our nation.” Peters said that being a “post nation” meant, in essence, being a “state of the United Nations.”

Peters has hope for Canada, however, despite Trudeau’s vision of a “postnational state.” “One thing that no communist of fascist ever understands is free will,” Peters declared. “They don’t understand the power of the people when engaged with the free will of the people. This will not happen. This will not happen. We will not comply.”

Watch the RAIR Exclusive Interview:

Watch RAIR exclusive footage of the patriots at Canada Day, and watch how the media misrepresented the occasion:

Learn more about the movement to restore Canada here.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Frankly, the US, UK, and Canada lost a great opportunity when they failed to officially note the bicentennial of the Treaty of Ghent. Neighboring countries with two centuries of getting along without war, being mutually warm at best and cordial at worst, is quite an achievement.

  • Wow! This is Wonderful to know so many Canadians are willing to stand up for Canada! Well done !!!


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