What could possibly go wrong? Los Angeles County Sheriff Shuts Down Gun Stores ‘One by One’; Lets Prisoners Go Free

What could possibly go wrong? Los Angeles County Sheriff Shuts Down Gun Stores ‘One by One’; Lets Prisoners Go Free

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On March 25, 2020
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UPDATE: Bill Melugin of the Los Angeles Fox affiliate Tweeted an update stating that “enforcement efforts to close gun stores have been suspended after county counsel intervened w/ a legal opinion that gun stores can be considered an essential business…”

The leftist tendency to dominate and control citizens is on full display in Los Angeles, California, where gun stores are being forced to shut down “one by one” just as as prisoners are being freed in Los Angeles and throughout the state.

Bill Melugin of the Los Angeles Fox affiliate Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told him personally that “he is beginning to close county gun stores immediately.”

This comes after it was reported at the local NBC affiliate that Sheriff Villanueva “reduced the jail population by more than 600 people and is asking officers to cite and release offenders when possible to protect inmates from the coronavirus.” Arrests have “dropped from around 300 a day to around 60 a day,” according to the article.

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva via CNN

Melugin continues:

“Deputies are currently going to the stores one by one to order them shut down. Sheriff to utilize scofflaw violations for any gun store still open after he deemed them nonessential…”

Seeking more prisoners to be released, the ACLU Tweeted that the release of 600 inmates “is a start but nowhere enough.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that there is a statewide effort to release prisoners.

Further, Melugin reported that the Sheriff “believes too many first time buyers are panicking and bringing guns into homes where people are locked down, which he believes is recipe for disaster with potential accidental shootings.” Referring to the gun stores as “non-essential,” the Sheriff also said he is mostly concerned about “first time buyers flooding stores and creating a social distancing issue…”

Perhaps people are purchasing weapons because they are concerned about the release of prisoners in Los Angeles and getting non-stop hysteria over the Chinese coronavirus by the mainstream media.

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