What is Behind the US Banking Crisis and How Will You Be Affected (Video)

Unless people start making a lot of noise and applying a lot of pressure, we will move to digital currency, warns Tucker Carlson

Big banks are eating up small banks. During his program this week, Tucker Carlson said that means less competition and more government control.

What will the government do with that control? Carlson says that unless people start making a lot of noise and applying a lot of pressure, we will move to digital currency.

“Download the central bank digital currency (CBDC) app now to get food stamps.” This is not a conspiracy, he stressed.

Government’s Increased Control

The four largest banks – Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Chase – are doing well. Meanwhile, the White House appears to be provoking bank runs at regional banks. The government also seems to be trying to erode confidence in those banks.

Carlson stressed that the Biden administration is using this crisis to increase its control.

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, meanwhile, has called for censoring social media posts that could lead to a bank run. A very similar tactic was deployed to censor Americans over early treatment for Covid and other counter-narratives.

Disaster looming

Carlson decided that we must ask ourselves how far we are from disaster and how complicit those in power are.

Entrepreneur and political activist Vivek Ramaswamy also said on the show that the banking crisis would eventually lead to the CBDC. Similarly, the 2008 banking crisis spawned ESG ( Environmental, Social, and Governance ) criteria.

For an excellent and straightforward explanation of what CBDC is, please watch the following video:

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