Where is the FBI: Left-Wing Groups to 'Shut Down the Capitol' on 12/7

Trained leftists will be deployed to engage in “street blockades surrounding the Capitol”.

Left wing organizations are uniting to “Shut Down the Capitol” on December 7, 2021, when Congress returns to session. Broadly organized by “Shut Down DC,” the groups are attempting to force horrific socialist policies before the 2022 elections.

Using the highly sophisticated progressive tool Action Network, “Shut Down DC” is openly organizing leftist lunatics to engage in “street blockades surrounding the Capitol”. “Most of us don’t identify as Dems but we ARE angry – and we’re shutting down the Capitol on 12/7,” Shut Down DC tweeted.

According to a mass email sent to supporters on Wednesday, the group is training activists for various actions at different intersections, organized by policies on the socialist wishlist.

We’re planning some bold direct action next week so if you want to learn more about organizing direct action, brush up your skills or just get involved, join us for a training weekend this weekend: December 4-5. We’ll cover the basics of organizing disruptive direct action, specific skills like assertive intervention, working as a police liaison, and making action art!”

A recruiting form on the Shut Down DC website asks activists to select a leftist organization that best reflects their interests, and coincides to the intersection they will “shut down”. The radical group also inquires as to whether the useful idiot activists are willing to get arrested.


It is a common tactic, but the police, the complicit media and politicians look the other way as citizens are forced to sit in traffic while these adult children take over intersections.

Each of these leftist groups is assigned an intersection to “Shut Down the Capitol”: Arm in Arm, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund, Extinction Rebellion DC, SPACES in Action, FIRM, CASA Action, and CODE PINK.

From the mass email:

  • SPACES in Action is leading a blockade demanding investment in healthcare, childcare, and the care economy. They’ll have big games and a brass band!
  • FIRM and CASA Action are leading a blockade demanding immigration justice and citizenship! They have eleven massive “Green Cards” that they’ll be using to hold space – one for each million for the eleven million of our neighbors who are undocumented.
  • Arm in Arm and Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund are holding together a blockade calling for racial justice and climate justice, holding space and committing acts of disruptive humanitarianism.
  • Extinction Rebellion DC is holding down a blockade demanding climate justice. We don’t know what they’ve got planned, but based on their most recent street blockades we’re pretty sure it’s going to be exciting.
  • Code Pink is holding down a blockade calling on elected leaders to divest from the war economy and invest in our communities. They always show up with some exciting props so you won’t want to miss what they’ve got planned.
  • Advocates for voting rights and statehood for DC will be holding down an intersection with a dance party headlined by a GoGo band on a 26’ flatbed truck!  

Using the hashtag #DeadlineForDemocracy and #ShutDownDC, leftist groups advertising the completely illegal action include Black Voters Matter and Our Revolution.

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Left-wing activists regularly disrupt business and trespass at the Capitol without facing consequences.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • The FBI was probably helping the leftists if they weren’t too busy smashing in doors of moms who attend school board meetings and speak against the board’s political agendas.

  • Lots of Strangeness today 7 Dec. 2021. Shut Down DC Insurrection. Info Wars . Com’s Website has just Disappeared from the Internet. Youtube will not Show any Tucker Carlson Videos.

    Mass Censorship of Conservative Sites and Videos. Seems You Tube is also WITH the Groups doing Shut Down DC. No Current News Feeds can be Found showing Shut Down DC Protest Footage… especially Live. And Media except Fox is Ignoring it.


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