Where is the GOP? DSA Member & Marxist Agitator Marcela Mitaynes Unchallenged for New York Assembly's 51st District

Where is the GOP? Why are the Democrats allowing socialists to take over their party?

Republicans – and democrats – appear to be unconcerned that socialists and Islamic supremacists are running as democrats and winning elections all over America. Marcela Mitaynes is the first in the RAIR Foundation USA series on subversives in office to reflect this sickening phenomenon. Mitaynes, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), just won her bid against Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix W. Ortiz in New York State Assembly’s 51st district.

Felix W. Ortiz is already a leftist partisan, but socialists are actively targeting democrats as well as republicans. As evidenced by her platform, Mitaynes is running on class war, emptying prisons, defunding police, amnesty for illegal aliens, single payer healthcare, a “true Green New Deal for New York” and free housing.

Interestingly, Mitaynes had a seven point deficit until the absentee votes were tallied, which put her in the lead. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the presumptive Assemblywoman-elect Mitaynes “may face third party opposition in the November 3 primary, although no opponents have announced their candidacy yet.”

Readers will likely not be surprised that Mitaynes is a fan of the violent communist-created Black Lives Matter Movement as evidenced by the following Facebook post:

While the Peruvian immigrant ran as a “democrat,” she identifies as a “socialist” and has the backing of fellow DSA members Bronx & Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Brooklyn state Sen. Julia Salazar. While the Republicans look away, DSA socialists are grabbing control in local, state and federal offices across the country, most often running as “democrats.”

Facebook Source

Marcela Mitaynes, who evidently has quite a few aliases, came to America from Peru at the age of five.

In a Politico piece from 2010, Mitaynes said she is from “a low-income community” who was resentful that after 30 years living in a two bedroom rent-controlled apartment at $624.00 per month, she was not able to pass the apartment to her daughter. After getting evicted, she dedicated herself to anti-landlord agitation, with the belief that housing is a “human right.” She has been involved in legislation that would harm property owners, and advocates a “Homes Guarantee” for New Yorkers.

Mitaynes often references “gentrification,” a Marxist-created derisive word for revitalizing poverty-stricken neighborhoods. As neighborhoods rise out of poverty, citizens are less likely to take part in a communist revolution. Marxists must keep citizens poor and resentful.

Other DSA nationally endorsed candidates in New York for 2020 include:

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for US Congress, NY-14
  • Samelys Lopez for US Congress, NY-15
  • Jamaal Bowman for US Congress, NY-16
  • Julia Salazar for NY State Senate, District 18
  • Jabari Brisport for NY State Senate, District 25
  • Zohran Mamdani for NY State Assembly, District 36
  • Phara Souffrant for NY State Assembly, District 57
  • Adam Bojak for NY State Assembly, District 149

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • The reason the Democrats don’t oppose her is that to them, she is just another Leftist who is where they will be in a year. The reason that New York Republicans do not oppose her is that they aspire to be like the Democrats who do not oppose her and don’t want to offend them or her.


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