Whistleblower Lawyer Exposes Big Pharma Employees Who Know 'Covid Vaccines' Are Killing People (Exclusive Interview)

“It’s snake oil salesmen, just like in the 19th century. They’ve got their little concoctions; they’re selling them completely unregulated.”

AN Ohio lawyer specializing in whistleblower cases explains the sheer magnitude of pharmaceutical company employees who know that the mRNA shots are killing people worldwide. 

In an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA, Warner Mendenhall has been active politically all his life. He has used his experience in local government and his training in the law to help citizens fight corruption. Mendenhall has “a passion for helping to give ordinary people the power to stand up to government abuses and corporate fraud.” He’s about to get really, really busy. 

  “We have heard from employees from every major drug manufacturer and distributor in this process, everyone you can think of across the board, including the developers of the shots. The employees of these companies are very concerned about what is being distributed. They don’t want to take the shots, but there’s a lot of pressure at these big companies to take the shots. They do feel that it’s highly risky. And I can tell you that employees who are very knowledgeable about the drug industry know it’s bad.”

Recently, Mendenhall had a scheduled call with an employee at one of the big pharma companies. He was surprised to find that close to 50 people joined that call from offices all over the world. “It shows you that there is a lot of resistance within these companies themselves,” he said. “One of the things that I think we need to encourage people to do at this point is simply walk away from these companies. Because this mRNA product is so deadly, and I believe it’s so damaging to people that to push it and promote it – as we’ve seen Bourla repeatedly do – is just an evil act at this point.”

Presently, Mendenhall is scrutinizing the question of coercion and how this might be used to solicit a ruling from a judge that it is illegal and a crime has been committed. He is asking the courts to rule in a civil case on the question of “Is it illegal to coerce somebody to take a drug in the state (of Ohio). That’s obvious, isn’t it? You can’t coerce someone to take a drug against their will, period. It’s time for a judge to declare that a crime was committed with the coercion.” 

Mendenhall is currently particularly focused on the problems in the manufacturing process with the shots. A brave early whistleblower, Melissa McAtee, a product quality inspector, came forward in October 2021 with concerns about product contamination. “We are seeing incredible levels of DNA contamination, plasmid contamination, variation in mRNA quantities,” explains Mendenhall. “These are reasons that these lots are sometimes called Hot Lots. We know that there are some deadly lots; they may be 10 or 100 times more deadly than others. It ranges from people getting a shot that’s essentially saline to people getting something that’s very poisoning.”

So, not only is the FDA not regulating that inconsistency and contamination of these shots, according to Mendenhall, but they are also not regulating and assessing dosage safety. “Because of the difference in size and body weight reactivity with these injectable DNA products, we have no idea what the band of safety is. And because it reacts extremely differently in different individuals, that’s why we have this huge variety of adverse reactions. One person may have myocarditis, another a cerebral hemorrhage, another may develop clots in their lungs, and the next may develop diabetes or Alzheimer’s. We have no idea how this product interacts with any given person,” says Mendenhall.  “Even if it were not adulterated, even if it were not polluted with other things. Even if all that were taken off the table, we still can’t predict how any individual person is going to react to the shots. I had my problems with our regulatory agencies before this, but there is no longer any basis to trust anything they say. They have completely lost credibility in my mind, and I think that’s growing more obvious to others in the population who maybe haven’t been paying such close attention.”

These adverse reactions are showing up in data all over the place. The VAERS system now reports upwards of 35,000 deaths, but it is all-cause mortality rates (up 40 % in the 18 – 64 age group) and disability claims that also show the magnitude of the destruction these mRNA shots are causing. “We can see through Bureau of Labor Statistics that we have disability rates that have increased dramatically, leading to an additional 3 million disabled in this country; that’s a 10% increase,” says Mendenhall. 

Far worse is what’s happening to fertility rates worldwide. As birth rates plunge and birth defects and fetal mortality skyrocket, “what’s really coming out in very frightening ways is the damage to men’s and women’s reproductive systems,” says Mendenhall. “I heard from some midwives recently here in Ohio that they have not seen a normal placenta in months. And some of the women are unvaccinated. That’s really scary. Where did they get exposure? Was it through shedding?” These are issues that maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. James Thorp has been seeing grow exponentially since the mRNA vaccine rollout. 

 Mendenhall’s office in Akron City is just around the corner from the hospital. “I had some very young nurses come to me just horrified and in tears because of the babies they were having to deliver to the morgue in the crematorium.” 

Mendenhall is encouraging people to come forward as whistleblowers. “One of the reasons I really wanted to do this interview was because I’m hoping that people might see it and might choose to become whistleblowers. I’m so proud of everybody who has stood up. You know, so many millions of people were thrown out of work because they refused to take the shot. And it is time for those working for one of these companies manufacturing these evil substances to think about walking away because many of your fellow citizens have done so. And it’s your patriotic duty to make a change and walk away from this evil. “

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • Well, God bless him and the whistelblowers. I recommend bulletproofing yourself and house. I am not joking either. Pharma-sorcery has plenty of bank, and they can hire people to be like aspirin —to make “headaches” go away.

  • Thank you. This interview increases my ever diminishing faith in humanity. With brave folk like this, especially the clearly expressed thoughts on and the description of that criminal Valensky (*) woman, there is hope.

    I wonder if she will reappear on a Pfizer or Moderna Board, or on death row.

  • These are not little snake oil salesmen selling their concoctions. They are premeditated mass murderers. The problem can only be addressed if this fact is clear and established.

    But there is a lack of common sense, a kind of mental block, despite the obvious mass deaths taking place, that seems to prevent the inescapable and rational conclusion that a deliberate massacre is taking place. What is the cause of this block?

    • Reply to Steve:

      The cause of this block is cognitive dissonance. Media programming is also part of the problem. Mass psychosis as well.

      • Not to mention it is the birth of the beast system, that who knows maybe mystery Babylon that the Bible talks about in Revelations that gets destroyed. Lets hope so Amen! (Personally speaking of course)…

  • If we knew early on, they also knew. And they didn’t utter a peep and kept on pushing their problematic injectable product onto the population.

    Will they ever be held liable and prosecuted? Where there is a will, there is a way. Great interview and thank you.

  • FDA has been infiltrated. It is corrupted. They regulate at the behest of pharma-sorcery. Look up FDA executives and where they worked before FDA. Scary times ahead. Stay healthy.

  • When it was first announced on US News that there was a virus outbreak SARS CoV-2 / covid-19 The Chinese said they never isolated the virus. If the Chinese were not able to isolate it who can? The entire thing is a sham. They used life size dolls in making those news bulletins. Hundreds of news readers read from the same script. Mass propaganda and mind control 24/7. Then we hear about the use of the PCR test. People being diagnosed with covid. Although this PCR test cannot be miss-used. It cannot tell you that you are sick either nor can it tell you what you have got, said the inventor Kary Mullis, who won The Nobel Prize for the PCR Test invention. He died before the announcement of covid-19 outbreak. Then came the vaccine. Although suspicious circumstances surround Zoologist Dr. Peter Daszak who is President of EcoHealth Alliance, said, you cannot make a vaccine for corona virus’ every virologist should know that. Therefore, what is the vaccine for? We know Pfizer was ordered to pay out 2 billion dollars for fraud in previous years. The “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine… is a technology called an mRNA vaccine. Unlike conventional vaccines, which are produced using weakened forms of the virus, 4 RNA vaccines can be constructed quickly using only the pathogen’s genetic code.” That incidentally has not been approved or licensed by FDA. Bill Gates who is funding the untested vaccine roll out of 7 billion dosages, said, on a TED talk that, he wants to depopulate the world by 15% which is over a billion people. This he hoped to do through health care and the vaccine. But, what does he mean by this? When asked by presenter Stephen Colbert (on A Late Show, back in 2020.) “What is going to happen 5 years from now.” Bill Gates, says, “The idea of a bio-terrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario, because there, a pathogen with a high death-rate would be picked.” (See 2:50 into the video) If anyone will know this is actually a bioterrorist attack. Certainly Bill Gates will know. He is not joking. Everyday now we hear of more adverse reactions to the vaccine jab, and thousands of people have died as a direct result of taking it. It is not that people are asleep and have no idea what is happening, most people do understand something just is not right. It is about who to go to. In order to put a stop to it? There doesn’t seem to be any legal organization that can do it. May God have mercy…and expose these liars to show they are fraudsters.


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