Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities (Video)

According to Dr. Andrew Huff, the U.S. government coordinated the attacks on the food stocks.

In the United States, dozens of food processing plants suspiciously caught fire over the past year. Remarkably, no one was present at the time of the fires. The Eco Health Alliance whistleblower, bioterrorism expert, military veteran, and scientist Dr. Andrew Huff has a possible explanation for the food supply fires. 

Huff has access to government information about simulating a food supply attack. The information comes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Food and Agriculture Sector Criticality Assessment Tool (FASCAT). This also includes which places are particularly at risk.

According to Huff, who authorities have harassed due to the nature of his work since 2019, the U.S. government coordinated the attacks on the food facilities. But, in addition, something remarkable happened: the hard disk with the FASCAT data disappeared.

Since then, there have been about 200 food factory attacks around the world, most of them in the U.S., he explained.

Huff had another backup and analyzed the attacks. It turned out that the attacks exactly matched the most critical systems in his data set. He reported this to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI but never received a response.

Huff knows that the FBI and the food industry have tried to investigate what he calls “terrorist attacks,” but they’re getting nowhere. He suspects that a government-funded actor or a globalist group like the World Economic Forum is behind it.

Watch Dr. Andrew Huff’s interview with journalist Emerald Robinson:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • WEF, WHO, FBI, CIA, UN, EU and NATO, Big Pharma, Schwab, Biden, von der Leyen, Gates and Soros ARE ALL SAME TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. DON’T YOU STUPID GET IT ALREADY????!!!!

      • buy land, live off grid as much as possible. grow your own food, harvest and filter your own water. get some chickens, cows, goats, fish. compost. you can grow enough wheat on a half acre of land to feed your family for a year. barter, trade. its the only way.

        • All good ideas but here’s the real issue: When the SHTF there will be millions of (urban) people who did not do this. They will be desperate and hungry. They will form gangs of large numbers, then they will come for your pleasant little utopia self sustaining homestead.

          So part two (defending what you have built) is equally important, but it gets overlooked. No single family will be able to defend their homestead against 10 or 20 people. You will need a group of aligned people (your neighbors) working as a team to protect each other.


          • And you’ve overlooked the most obvious thing. The advice assumes something truly outlandish: that everybody knows how to “grow your own food, harvest and filter your own water. get some chickens, cows, goats, fish. compost. you can grow enough wheat on a half acre of land to feed your family for a year.”

            How many readers of that advice know how to do ANY of that stuff? How many readers of that advice know how to “grow enough wheat on a half acre of land to feed your family for a year.”

            “Get your fairy godmother to fix everything for you NOW, while there is still time!!!!!” would have been far more sensible and practical advice.

          • The biggest problem for the little remote homestead is property taxes. The state and county government can raise your property taxes to the point you can’t afford to pay them. Also I don’t believe any counties in America allow outhouses for residential dwellings. Perhaps hunting cabins, but not residences.

        • There’s only one way to stop them – stop funding them. Close bank accounts and credit union accounts. Get off their system, cripple their funding. Nothing else will cut it.

        • Actually, 1775 ! 19 April 1775 on Lexington Green and at Concord Bridge.

          “Where the embattled farmers stood….”

          Sometimes violence is the answer.

      • Everyone of them are a neighbor to someone. Meaning they are reachable. We can get them and we should. Or 300 + million people can just sit around and wait to be shoved off the cliff I suppose

        • I suppose so. I mean, that’s what’s happening right now. All the info is out there for everyone to see, and yet the Super Bowl is right around the corner and Macys is gonna have a sale and….

      • 24/7 armed and highly trained former military sentries inside and outside of every food processing facility. No “governmental” inspectors shall have unaccompanied access to any part of the facility. Any outside “vendors” doing “maintenance” or other upgrade work shall be monitored in real time by said armed security.

        Expensive? Hell yes, but those costs will be easily absorbed in a slight increase in wholesale prices.

      • There is a gathering taking place. gathering of the wheat and gathering of the grapes. Very soon Christ will Return to take His wheat to where He resides. This is what to do know.

        Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Rev.14:12

        The 4th commandment will be the final test. God never sanctified Sunday as His day of worship.

          • You should worship God every day. Saturday was made a day of rest. Because God rested on the seven day. the Saturday day of rest is holy to give God his honor. Sunday is not holy even if a pope said so.

          • Hi Michael…if You are referring to the late, lingering gathering of the apostles when Eutychus fell asleep and fell to his death…it does say “early on the first day of the week”…the gaathering was lingering late into the hours in fellowship that had been going on throughout the Sabbath (7th day)…thew were considered, then to be “early on the first day of the week’ as the switch was from Sabbath to 1st day, as Sabbath closed out. They were going to be collecting offerings and gifts, spending precious last moments together before beginning travels to distant places ON the first day of the week…thus, they were worshipping together, and went late into the night hours {when Eutychus got sleepy in a precarious perch!) He was raised from the dead, the teaching and fellowship resumed until whatever hour they all finally departed to begin proclaiming the Kingdom “to the uttermost parts of the earth”. Shabbat happened, …and then an Afterglow worship into the early morning of the first day of the week.

        • math 13, at the time of the harvest, the separation of wheat and tares, and the wheat don’t go anywhere. First thing to happen is the tares are removed. I love that.
          The righteous shall never be removed, proverbs 10.
          I only say this bc math 13 is what the Lord gave at the start of all this mess and you mentioned it’s subject.

      • Simple… It would be great if someone out there with stealth, wealth and connections, we’re able to gather a crew of expert snipers to go after those elites, with assassination in mind!
        It would solve a lot of problems…

        • Smart – as they will lose their wealth, life style & health as well.

          We didn’t start the war on humanity but we can stop it!

          DO IT for the children.

          Where is Ross Perot when we need him.

    • Exactely ! It seems those are tausends of organisations, but it is basically one organisation. Based in London

          • They Intended to lock the USA down for years and years. Trump never mandated the vaccine…

        • So glad to see everyone talking at least. Seems to be a sense of urgency in what I’m reading. And that’s great. I hate to say we told you so. But we did. For years we’ve tried to get you to listen.. But noooo, it was shut up conspiracy theorist. Just think how much further you’d be in your preps. If you would have just listened. Good luck, I wish well.

        • Blinded by pure evil T is one of them u need to wake up..this is all plan to bring down the sleeping giant .This the end my friends last chapter in the book
          Only one solution .Yeshua

  • Dr. Andrew Huff seems a little too “placed” to be an actual whistleblower. Of course he spun some “John Wayne-style” yarn about a Deep State attack by one ‘operative’, and none since. And he managed to pen a “tell-all” tome without any PTB trying to censor its content. For the time being, I’ll keep a wary eye on this cartoon cowboy.

    • Your post is far too prosaic to not be propaganda. Which government funded disinformation outlet are you with? Of course, you gave no actual refutation of the claims.

      We have hundreds of facilities attacked, no one caught, no serious alerts sent out by your precious FBI. How many people do you think you fooled with your canned remarks?

      • To a liberal, such as yourself, all is propaganda. Unless it is negative towards a conservative, then it is God’s truth.

      • Ding ding ding! That was my first thought!!

        “Cartoon cowboy” sounds like a boomer that works as a consultant or agent of the WEF.

        • Why do you attack and insult the millions of us you call “boomers” ? Your use of “boomer” is akin to denigrating Negros, black Americans, using the word “nigger”.

          What has your lessor generation done to solidify the Republic other than putting and maintaining domestic communists at every level of Amerikan government ?

          • Thank you. I’m sick of boomer being used as a term of ridicule by pissants who’ve done nothing.

    • Yeah, you do that – and while you’re at it, let’s hear your reasons for the food facility destruction, concocted viruses, killer vaccines, supply chain breakdowns, fuel shortages, double-digit inflation, bird flu BS, gender insanity, and massive nationwide election fraud.

    • Maybe he’s over the target and you’re just another disinformation expert working these threads, trying to stir up confusion and obfuscation? But hey, we can all have an opinion can’t we?

  • This is commonly known info since those attacks commenced. Someone needs to bring this issue to the floor of the People’s House. They now are going to deprive us of food. Stocking up if you can, seems a prudent course of action.

    • Maybe, just maybe the Schwartze Rock is the perp. A minority collective race/religion controlling all aspects of finance, culture and law for their benefit is
      now called being progressivism. Each time I see the word holocaust. I weep for all the hundreds of millions denied life, liberty and freedom as a result of communism.

    • Have you noticed the warm and fuzzy feel-good ads on TV by Blackrock? Seems like PR by them to create a positive image for the non-thinkers.

  • Never attribute to malice what may be better explained by simple neglect. Factories require constant sweeping and cleaning to prevent the accumulation of flammable debris. Many plants shut down by COVID were never able to recall a full workforce and building maintenance suffered.

  • Just read the history books… not the ones you were given in school. one hundred years ago this same thing was happening,
    There is nothing new under the sun. 1917-18 pandemic, WW1 millions killed.
    Then we had a stock market crash, because of cheap money supplied by the Federal reserve…
    Let us remember what the NWO did in Russia. Killed the Romanoffs, took over the government and they commenced to starving 100 million people mostly Christians in Ukraine. Just saying wake up.
    And then they did the same thing in China. Just saying the truth is out there. This is where you can find the X-files… THE BAD WAR The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II. By M. S KING
    Now we have them doing the same things to U.S.

  • You are missing that the man has a map of the most sensitive parts of the system. He had access to a relevant simulation as well. Now he’s noticed that the most critical parts are coincidentally being attcked. The attacks are following a map fool!

  • This is why everything big is bad. If all of our food was processed locally in 1000s of places instead of a few big plants there would be no ability to hurt the food supply on a mass scale.

    Big industry of all kinds, big government, big pharma, big tech, big energy… They ALL have to be broke up!

  • I trust Dr Huff to be honest. I don’t trust anonymous posters on these threads trying to discredit him. There are too many of them to count these days.

  • Who authorized the development of this database?
    Which tech company did we contract with to develop this database platform?
    Who hired him?
    Who eliminated his position?

    ” It turned out that the attacks exactly matched the most critical systems in his data set. ”

    I believe he is on the right path to truth.

    • “…we can build back better with government control.”
      Close, but no cigar. They need us to destroy everything, including the governments They have been corrupting. Once everything is destroyed, and the suffering reaches peak, we are supposed to beg Them for help. Only then, once we have VOLUNTARILY asked Their help, will They LEND us the money to build back what we can, on the land they will own.
      Stop dissing your government, it is the only thing still standing between you and Them.
      Did no-one on this forum read The Protocols? Their Plan is almost complete, the only remaining thing is for us to burn down every government building holding the financial records and corrupt contracts. Once the evidence is gone, Their “Independent Judiciary” will give Them ownership of Earth, and Their One King can rule us as slaves.

  • Which is why the CSAT/CFATS system DHS manages is so dangerous. It’s a catalog of critical facilities in the chemical industry. DHS was warned many times this database could get hacked and used nefariously. They plowed ahead with the program anyhow, like good Soviet bureaucrats.

  • This reminds me of so many conspiracies that were written off by skeptics but turned out to be true. Sceptics should always keep an open mind. One important point is look closely at the data. The statistics born out of the data will either raise red flags or not. Also motive. Every crime is born out of motive. Food for thought.

  • clearly the person that wrote this never spent a day in journalism school or how to write. this read like my 12 year old wrote it.

  • Hang the whole wef un all the elitists dictators by the neck in the public square until very dead start with Gates and Fauci they need to leave earth today

  • In the early days of the “pandemic,” there were a surprising number of major COVID outbreaks at meat processing plants, such as Tyson chicken processing facilities, which closed for long periods. I reported my suspicions that this was intentional to the FBI. Of course, I never heard back. See this video on YouTube: Tyson Foods indefinitely stopped production at its largest pork plant in 2020 as reported by Reuters.

  • China created the COVID virus, created a world-wide epidemic, bought large amounts of U.S. farmland, is exporting U.S. food to their country, installed an American president to do its bidding, controls U.S. media, censors Americans’ opinions, stole U.S. financed military tech, stole U.S. private industry technology and much much more. Do you really believe the Chinese aren’t behind these attacks on our food processing plants?

    • Actually, the ‘virus’ was created in S.C. University and sent to China ‘ for further development’…dig deeper…papers on it can be found going back years. 1983 NASA paper…leads to yet another in 1954…who knows how far back from there…
      You need to look deeper- lots of players involved.

  • Keywords… “possible explanation.” We have all had our suspicions and “possible explanation” but I’m looking for something concrete. C’mon man!

  • Conservative communities all across America should form Grand Juries and call for the arrests of the elitist BILLIONAIRES and the DEEP STATE BUREAUCRATS who are at their beckoning. Grand Juries are powerful. Hundreds of them would be unstoppable. Spread the word.

  • Our government is working against the interest of the American people! What a f’n surprise. Apparently the founding fathers has considerable foresight in writing the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution.

  • Of course the WEF is behind it… is behind the depopulation of the world….it hates the United States particularly.
    It appears it wants to bankrupt the people and the government so that it can start over with its New World Order authoritarian government and money system….no more US dollar!
    It’s a globalist conspiracy and they are succeeding because of the cooperation of the US government. You can see nothing is being done to investigate this destruction….!

  • “Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina filed a resolution earlier this week directing the Fine Arts Board of the U.S. House of Representatives to obtain a bust of Mr. Zelenskyy for display.”



  • This is the single dumbest narrative on the internet..

    There are thousands upon thousands of these facilities in the USA.

    They have volatile gases, grinding equipment, welding equipment, boilers, furnaces, etc… One pork processing facility I got to has a literal wall of flames the hog carcass travels through to singe all the hair off.

    Now examine the blue collar workers who are in charge of all of this equipment and things catch on fire.

  • I suggest for to paramount plus and watch the 2006 series Jericho. Pretty close to nailing where we are headed

  • This video demonstrates the Danger of Said Studies getting into the public domain – terrorists or government 3 letter agencies could easily get the data to take out the critical 200+ food processing facilities.

  • Something in this story doesn’t add up…if this guy’s a “whistleblower” with access to inside information on system vulnerabilities, then wouldn’t he know that reporting this to the FBI and DHS is like going to the enemy?

  • FJB is on the CCP payroll and so are all the other legislators so nothing will ever happen until We the People have had enough! That day is coming and I hope sooner than later.

  • *Oil Supply
    *Food Supply
    *Power Grids
    *Air Travel USA—Canada—Phillipines
    *Chinese Owned American Land
    Bill Gates Owned Land

  • The LDS church has been promising to do it for over 50 years that I have heard from them about. CJ ‘End Times’ Cerinthus action.

  • Before you speak of violent that is the PLAN…That allow the UN to send in their troops and totally control/take down out country. Please understand this.

  • All talk and no action is exactly what the evil globalists are counting on. This “Agenda” has been in the works for well over a hundred years. That’s why books about this were written a long time ago. One example. Read “1984” by George Orwell. We’re living it now. Are people frightened? Nah, not enough. Right in Overland Park KS it’s happening. Agenda 21 is coming. CRT in schools. People need to take action. Attend your city council meetings, school board meetings, city planning sessions. Fight for what you have and love NOW, because YOUR RIGHTS are going to be nonexistent soon.

  • I can say from experience living on a homestead with 11 children and a husband, both around 50 years old, that you sure as hell cannot just “go grow your own food.” Raising animals is easier, but even that isnt easy if you dont have experience….oh yeah, and money. Gardening is a skill and not one that comes over night, which I still do not have after 5 years either. Stockpiling other peoples’ natural produce would be the better idea for sure. I’m looking into it myself. I don’t mean to be a downer but reality is reality and you will set yourself up for failure if homesteading is your backup plan. Not happening….

  • I have a different hypothesis. We’re headed into an historical recession/depression. What if the burning of food processing plants has been by their owners or lenders to collect insurance before the deep downturn in the economy? This may be far fetched but it is plausible and should be eliminated before coming to other conclusions. Is there any foreign owner or financier of a majority of these burned plants? A lot of well placed elites collected big claims from insurance companies by positioning themselves to own properties that were negatively effected near the Twin Towers on 9/11. So, has an insurance scam been ruled out?

  • It is crystal clear this current US government is hellbent on collapsing this nation. Out of control spending causing out of control inflation along with destroying food plants to cause shortages and disruption in the supply and demand making the prices go through the roof. Open borders adding as many people as they can to our depleted food supplies. The list goes on and on all the wrongs they are doing and by this point everyone should be able to see the crimes and corruptions this government has committed. The vaccine just hasn’t killed of as many people as they thought it would and they couldn’t get as many to take the poison injections as they predicted, so comes the mandates to try to force people, that didn’t work so expect another virus to hit us in the near future courtesy of the US government.

  • Sounds exactly like something the democrats the fascist left would do so as to make the populus completely dependent on government and yet here in just another very corrupt way for the communist/socialist/fascist/democrats to try and secure power for themselves. There is no line that they are unwilling to cross, we already know this from the theft of the last presidential election. Enough is enough my fellow Americans while we still have an America to stand up for along with our civil rights. May God watch over and stand with us against this evil.

  • Something big is coming don’t know what or when but BIG and sooner than later. If you’re not apt at prepping then at least secure some REAL money off grid to give you a chance at getting out of Dodge.

  • We need to convince the military, the rank and file soldiers that they need to choose the side of the people when tshtf

  • Us supplies large part of the food for the planet. This is clearly sabotage by the kosher bankster that pan on exterminated 90% of the worlds population. Starvation is one of the method they use, war is another one, and medicine is the third one. THis is node by all governments that take the bribes from the kosher banksters.

  • Why would the instigators respond? Its all on purpose, they KNOW whats happening because they are CAUSING it to HAPPEN!

  • Jesus H. Christ, the U.S. government working hand-in-hand with the global elite truly is evil. Luckily, I was smart enough to get a screen grab of the Deagle-dot-com web page that they quickly took down after it started getting a massive worldwide buzz and everyone and their brother was visiting their website. Why? Because Deagle-dot-com had pages of a posting of their company’s prediction of the reduction of the entire world population, with the United States getting hit the hardest. But, I got a screengrab of the U.S. depopulation page before they removed it from their site. I post it every once in a while on Craig’s List > Community > Politics on the Washington, D.C. site.

  • All these comments are true from people who are paying attention! Also people working at grocery store are keeping track, too and say the same! Gates and Soros are involved and should be arrested and tried for treason! This administration is ignoring the awful truth! CroakedFBI, DOJ,CIA are guilty too! They want the deplorables gone! Do not vote democrat again!!

  • FASCAT sounds like the DHS Food sector’s version of VAERS for vaccines. Not kept updated, shifty information at best, and ‘disappeared’ because it had important information (vs VAERS which is rarely if ever, kept up to date, and many in the medical establishment tend to pooh-pooh its information).


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