Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Crumbles; Shocking January 6th Parallels

Right wing” terror plots come in very handy when used to deflect from left-wing scandals such as coronavirus tyranny and election fraud.

The left is so desperate for right wing terror that they have to manufacture it. This appears to be what happened in the October kidnapping plot against tyrannical Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and may have also happened on January 6th.

Out of the fourteen men arrested for the kidnapping plot, “at least five were undercover agents and federal informants.” How many FBI operatives were present on January 6th?

The Michigan kidnapping plot was a brilliant strategy, if true. Americans were sick of coronavirus tyranny. Whitmer was getting uncomfortable scrutiny for her contradictory, unscientific, arbitrary mandates imposed on citizens in Michigan. A mere days before the “kidnapping attempt” was brought to light, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Whitmer.

“Accordingly, the executive orders issued by the Governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic now lack any basis under Michigan law,” Justice Steven Markman wrote in a majority opinion. Whitman responded by accusing the Justices of being “Republican”.

What better way to thwart the legitimate anger toward Whitmer’s policies than to deflect with a “right wing” terror plot that can be pinned on President Trump?

Watch Joe Biden blame President Trump for the alleged kidnapping plot against Gretchen Whitmer (and repeat the “very fine people” lie):

Of course, those arrested for the Michigan plot were not “right wing” (see here, here and here), but that is completely irrelevant for the purposes of Biden’s narrative.

Later, it was revealed that Whitmer did not follow her own rules as she traveled to Florida to see her “sick” father. RAIR and others have reported repeatedly on how left wing tyrants do not follow their own coronavirus mandates (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here).

As observed in an explosive report at, the Whitmer tactic (which is simply the Luke O’Brien Effect on a large scale) could have been used on January 6th:

Indeed, what if we told you that scarcely three months before the 1/6 Capitol Siege, the FBI arrested 14 people for planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the State Government — and that the alleged conspiracy to overthrow the State government involved storming of the State Capitol?

And what if we told you that of the 14 individuals who allegedly plotted the ‘kidnapping’ and overthrow of the state government, at least five were undercover agents and federal informants? And as if that’s not enough, many of the individuals allegedly involved in this plot appear to belong to the ‘Three Percenters,’ one of the very same militia groups now blamed for storming January 6.

And, as the cherry on top, what if we told you that the director of the Detroit FBI Field Office, who oversaw the infiltration operation of the Michigan Plot, was subsequently granted a highly coincidental promotion to the D.C. office, where he is now the lead FBI agent for all 1/6 cases?

Think about that.

In order to take attention from the intense scrutiny on the fraudulent 2020 election, a “coup” had to be manufactured. So the question is: How many FBI operatives were present on January 6th?

See how the left used the alleged Whitmer kidnapping plot as a battering ram against President Trump:

Similarly, Barack Obama agressively targeted local militias during his administration. Many of the cases fell apart in court, but the opportunity to smear so-called “right wing domestic terror” was always fully exploited. Many of those accused claimed to have been targeted for their words, not their deeds.

See RAIR’s coverage of the events that took place on January 6, 2021:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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