WHO and Media Fuel Another Disease Panic, This Time a Deadly Yeast Fungus Brought on by 'Global Warming'

After Covid-19 and monkeypox, citizens will hardly fall for such propaganda horror reports…

Are we now all going to die from a killer fungus due to climate change? Alarm, alarm: Candida auris infection is “worrying ” and “fatal,” says the mainstream media in its headlines. ‘Climate change’ is said to be to blame for its “alarmingly rapid spread.” The WHO calls for the fungus to be given top priority.

Everyone knows about yeast, but now it’s being written up as a deadly threat: “Candida auris is a worldwide pathogenic yeast that can cause invasive candidiasis of the blood, heart, central nervous system, eyes, bones, and internal organs,” warned the World Health Organization (WHO) Late last year in a call to give top priority to the pathogen. Mortality from the disease, in which the fungus can attack internal organs, is between 29 and 53 percent. Transmission occurs via smear infections.

Entirely safe for healthy people

However, the fungus does not pose a threat to healthy people, even if they are infected. It can only be dangerous for people who are already ill and have a weakened immune system if it gets into the blood capillary system. This, in turn, could happen primarily in healthcare facilities, for example, via medical equipment such as catheters or breathing tubes. In the worst case, it could lead to sepsis (blood poisoning), which could be fatal. There have now been larger outbreaks in hospitals in Europe, with reports from Italy, Spain, Greece, and England. Candida auris can be transmitted from person to person and via surfaces. In addition, the yeast fungus is resistant to some disinfectants and antifungal agents.

Due to this problem, the US health authority CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) classified the fungus as an “urgent threat” in 2019 and introduced an obligation to report. Given the increased number of outbreaks in healthcare facilities in 2021, the US authorities even warned: “Candida auris poses a serious global health threat.” According to current data from the USA, the number of fungal infections is increasing there, and they are spreading to more and more states – people are talking of a “dramatic increase.” There are said to be almost 1,500 cases.

Test pandemic because of yeast?

“The rapid increase and geographic spread of cases are concerning and underscores the need for continued surveillance, expanded laboratory capacity, and faster diagnostic testing,” said CDC epidemiologist Dr. Meghan Lyman. Experts now advise mandatory reporting in Germany to monitor its spread better if the fungus is detected. What “test pandemics” can lead to is well-known since Covid-19.

The yeast fungus was first discovered in the ear – hence the Latin name “auris” – of a 70-year-old Japanese woman in a Tokyo hospital in 2009. However, the earliest pathogen detection was found by analyzing preserved samples in a blood sample taken from a young child in South Korea in 1996. The fact that diverse strains of the fungus appeared almost simultaneously in South America, South Africa, South Asia, and Japan, and likewise that a fungus originally from the environment could suddenly spread to humans, puzzles experts.

Arturo Casadevall of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore claims climate change is involved. In 2021, in the scientific journal “mBio,” the microbiologist and his team wrote that only the adaptation to global warming should have enabled the species to colonize humans with its high body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The fungus has a high-temperature tolerance; it can survive at up to 42 degrees Celsius.

WHO, health authorities and the media are spreading panic about a “killer fungus” that poses no danger to the vast majority of humanity and could actually only become dangerous even for those who have previously been ill in healthcare facilities through contaminated medical equipment. Once again, climate change has been identified as a possible culprit. So what is this constant alarmism about? After Covid-19 and monkeypox, citizens will hardly fall for such propaganda horror reports…

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



    I’ve been WAITING for the Liberal Whackos to come up with something like this!
    And the only place that fungus “exists” will be in Third World Shitholes, which is why hundreds of millions of illiterate, lazy criminals will IMMEDIATELY need to be trafficked to our former White Christian Homelands!


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