Will Top CEOs Go Broke Kowtowing To The Woke Agenda?

The sudden uprise in anti-Whiteness should be a concern for all races, as progressives will target them next.

Three CEOs of major corporate businesses in America have decided to join the woke mob.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a trend emerge among numerous high-level executives of some of the largest businesses known in the corporate world – wokeism. These high-level execs believe that by kowtowing to the leftist mob, they’ll not only find favor with the never satisfied group of the intolerant, immoral progressives but get rich while doing so.


You may remember earlier this year, after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the omnibus bill SB202 (“The Election Integrity Act of 2021”) into law, an outburst of anger arose from a handful of chief executives, including that of Coca-Cola James Quincey and Delta CEO Ed Bastian. Specifically, Bastian claimed the new provisions were racist railing,

After having time to now fully understand all that is in the bill, coupled with discussions with leaders and employees in the Black community, it’s evident that the (voting) bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong.

Bastian, backed co-founder of Black Votes Matter LaTosha Brown’s opinion that the newly enacted laws somehow hinder Black Americans’ access to voting by requiring ID at the polls. Of course, identification is necessary to open bank accounts, enter into most nightclubs, apply for welfare or other government programs, and purchase alcohol or tobacco, but shouldn’t it be necessary to exercise one of the most sacred rights of legal Americans voting?

As an aside: Delta doesn’t just marginalize specific races within their company. They also recently declared that employees who were not willing to take the experimental COVID-19 injections (said to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce symptoms of COVID-19 if contracted) would be fined up to $200 each month. In addition, Delta would no longer extend pay protection for employees who remain unvaccinated if they are to contract the virus, further separating the airline’s employees by class.

Wokeism, like just about anything else the left touches, will be run into the ground. The left continually overreaches and outdoes itself. This anti-White agenda will prove to be no different. When they have milked as much as they can out of the White population being the oppressor, they will simply move onto another race or class and repeat the same process. We see that happening now with the ever-increasing movement to segregate those who have chosen not to be experimented on with the injections being rolled out worldwide.


The wokeism doesn’t stop with Delta. Along with Bastian, AT&T CEO John Stankey told the company’s white employees back in April of 2021 that their performance reviews would be heavily penalized unless they confessed their “white privilege” and took an extended course on systematic racism. Stankey even went as far as to instruct the white employees of AT&T to use an “anti-racism portal” where they would be indoctrinated with ideas such as “American racism is a uniquely white trait, and that black people cannot be racist,” which stems from an article AT&T employees are urged to read by author Dahleen Glanton titled, “White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror.” According to a senior employee of the company, white AT&T employees were considered racist if they refused the Anti-White brainwashing.


Multi-millionaire PulteGroup President and CEO Ryan Marshall also mandated Diversity and Inclusion meetings. The CEO announced he would create a Diversity and Inclusion Board where employees will hear how evil it is to have been born White. Furthermore, they will be taught to accept the responsibility of people they may have no relation to from years past. The Pulte Group’s website states,

We continue to focus on leadership development and retention to bolster our talent pipeline and have expanded our diversity and inclusion training portfolio to grow a more engaged and inclusive culture.”


White employees of Walmart are taught that they are guilty of both “internalized racial superiority” and “white supremacy thinking” just by existing and clocking in while having white skin. Walmart is the U.S.’s top employer, with over 1.5 million employees, and has felt continued pressure to ensure that equality is in clear focus moving forward. In a recent interview, Walmart’s Chief Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer Ben-Saba Hasan said that in 2020 the company’s new hires consisted of 55% of non-Whites, with women making up for almost 50%. In addition, after the death of convicted criminal George Floyd in 2020, Walmart promised to give over $100 million to “fight systematic racism” over the next five years and create a “Center for Racial Equity.” According to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, this would include critical race theory classes being taught to a primarily White workforce and “retraining diverse talent.” Another prime example of bending the knee to appease the outraged mob.

This sudden uprise in anti-Whiteness should be a concern for all races, as it will not end with just those who are White or “White-passing.” History has shown that if given an inch, several miles will be taken.

Luckily, one CEO has decided to fight against the woke mob. Marc Lobliner of MTS Nutrition stated, “Political views shouldn’t affect how we think of others. But the ‘woke’ cancel those who disagree.” Lobliner, the creator of the Outright Bar and the Chief Marketing Officer of, added, “Liberals are easy to fool. They just want to be on team woke.”

When the recent Snow White ride at Disney was under fire for Snow White being “kissed without her consent,” Lobliner tweeted to boycott the company. Of course, according to Cancel Culture rules, this would be the expected result.

Of course, the left never plays by their own set of rules. Cancel culture continues to be a one-sided endeavor. Still, with CEOs like Lobliner who are willing to stand up to the virus of wokeism that has infected our country, we may have a real chance at maintaining and solidifying the conservative values many of us hold dear. At the very least, we would remain a contender in the fight.

Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she was Research Director and Story Editor for #1 documentary in 2020, The Plot Against the President.


  • Unbelievable how CEOs can be so brainwashed, totally brainless idiots!
    Boycott all these companies run by brainless CEOs !


    “While not a blanket policy yet, the Zone A vaccination mandate has emerged as an industry standard, with its adoption footprint steadily expanding. Netflix has made Zone A vaccines mandatory on all productions in the U.S. Disney TV Studios has introduced the policy on new series going forward as well as a number of existing ones, including The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.”

  • I hope the board of directors is paying attention of how these people are mismanaging the companies they allegedly work for. The BoD is responsible to the shareholders. They had better be paying attention to the bottom line and not the politics of the hour. If the boss is woke, fire him.


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