RAIR Exclusive Video: With Italy’s Salvini gone, the illegal migrant invasion ramps up!

RAIR Exclusive Video: With Italy’s Salvini gone, the illegal migrant invasion ramps up!

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On September 4, 2019
  • Bergamo, NGO, Salvini, Zingaretti

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini spoke in Bergamo Italy this week. Salvini points out that at the time he left office, there were no NGO migrant-rescue vessels picking up “refugees” in the Mediterranean, and now there are nine.

Video Transcript:

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!…

I must say they have said and written everything these days. I have kept silent because I know what they taught me at catechism school, that at the end, truth emerges victorious. In any normal country, a fixed date for an election would already be set. In any normal country. And it’s true that in a normal country, the prime minister doesn’t go arm in arm with Merkel asking for advice on what to do in Italy.

…and of that, what makes me proud of being different when I say, “never” with the PD and the left, is that I keep my word, and I never [unintelligible] with the PD and the left. Today the secretary of the PD, Zingaretti, said that we need to completely change our immigration policies. A few weeks ago, there were zero NGO ships in the Mediterranean. As of this evening, there are nine NGO ships in the Mediterranean.

…unfortunately, this government that they are trying to create is not being created in Rome, in Bergamo, in Catania or in Treviso. This government that is being born is born in Berlin, Paris and Brussels.”

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation! 


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