Wokism: Mattel Bans 400 Words from Scrabble to be More Inclusive - Big Name Players Quit Competitive World

Competitive Scrabble players have accused games company Mattel of virtue signaling after banning a host of terms from the official score list.

More than 400 terms were banned in a bid to make the game more inclusive.

The ban targets slurs on race, sexuality, and gender, making them no longer acceptable in the game’s official scoring dictionary.

Competitive Scrabble player Jonathan Maitland, who once boasted about being top of the London Scrabble League, explained how unpopular the new ruling was.


UK News

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The Ministry of Truth is busy destroying words. As George Orwell said, “The destruction of words is beautiful thing.” Double good plus, I say.

  • Mother, Father, She, He, women, Man, Dad, Mom, – There now, that wasn’t difficult and you’d better get used to it because they aren’t going away and I for one will use them as I see fit or you can go to heell!

    • Is this the third edition of the Newspeak dictionary? Reducing words means control. If there is no word for something then there is no way to express it. In 1984 there is no political freedom or any use of the word free except, the dog is free of fleas.


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