‘You have to speak up!’ – Canadian MPP Randy Hillier Slams Media and Coronavirus Tyranny at Freedom Rally (Watch)

‘You have to speak up!’ – Canadian MPP Randy Hillier Slams Media and Coronavirus Tyranny at Freedom Rally (Watch)

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  • On November 22, 2020
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“When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Cornwall, Ontario March for Freedom

“People who have dissenting views – alternative views – are being purposely suppressed by our media, by our social media, by big Tech,” declared Canadian politician Randy Hillier at the March for Freedom Rally held in Cornwall, Ontario on November 21, 2020.

RAIR Foundation USA captured the speech at a larger pro-freedom event held by the Cornwall March for Freedom, which describes itself as a “grass-roots & local community civil rights organization…[who] are dedicated to ending the lockdowns, COVID restrictions, and the state of emergency.”

The website explains:

“We believe that our fundamental, constitutional, and God-given rights and freedoms have been stripped away without justification.”

“You have to speak up! You have to speak loud! You have to speak often!”, the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Hillier declared to a crowd of freedom-lovers who braved the Canadian cold to attend the event. MPP Hillier is a vocal opponent of the freedom-stripping mandates imposed on citizens in Canada.

Hillier’s comments during the March for Freedom echo concerns by citizens across the West who have dared to criticize the arbitrary, contradictory and unscientific Chinese coronavirus measures imposed by power-hungry, fear-mongering politicians.

Watch the entire speech and support the Cornwall, Ontario March for Freedom!

Earlier this month, the brave politician challenged the false narrative about hospitals being overrun with coronavirus patients when the evidence shows that it is simply not the case. On his website, he explained: “It appears the Premier, his Caucus, and Public Health are content with spreading alarm and fear about a second wave based upon faulty projection models and trumped up case numbers.”


Canadian commentator Brian Lilley pointed out in an article posted that the Toronto Sun that despite the claims by spokesperson for the University Health Network (UHN) Gillian Howard that hospitals are at “100% capacity,” the reality is much different. Lilley explained that UHN “includes Toronto General, Toronto Western Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital plus Toronto Rehab and the Michner Institute.” The author states that “[A]cross their entire system, there are 15 COVID patients and fewer than 10 of them are in ICU.”

See other Canadian freedom-promoting websites here, here, here and here. Join the Facebook page here.

Watch a report on Rebel News:

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