'You Should be Shot': Marjorie Taylor Greene Releases Death Threats (Explicit Video)

The Georgia Republican played a “handful” of shocking clips of unhinged citizens wishing that she be shot in the head, pushed down the stairs, shot by a firing squad or otherwise attacked.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene released a video compilation of death threats she receives on a regular basis. “It is not okay – it is completely wrong for any member of congress to receive death threats,” she said.

The Georgia Republican played a “handful” of shocking clips of unhinged citizens wishing that she be shot in the head, pushed down the stairs, shot by a firing squad or otherwise attacked. The clips she selected were heinous, and Ms. Taylor Greene, who also goes by her initials MTG, noted that the daily slander by the mainstream media does not help. “I have been the most attacked freshman member of congress probably in United States history,” she said in the nine minute video posted on Twitter.

Consider how Marjorie Taylor Greene is portrayed in Wikipedia, which automatically surfaces during an internet search:

But the RINOs in the Republican party also smear the member of congress, who has always been a strong supporter of President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – who just voted in favor of a Federal Vaccine Databaseclaims that Rep. Taylor Greene and her vocal allies Lauren Boebert (Colo.) and Paul Gosar (Ariz.) are engaged in activities that take away from the Republican effort to win back the majority in 2022.

The truth is that Marjorie Taylor Greene is attacked because her message resonates with Americans.


RAIR Foundation USA can very much relate to this dilemma, and would recommend that conservatives who receive threats carefully document them and report them to officials.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Marjorie as you say carry a gun and as I am sure you are all ready, be well trained in the use of .
    This people are mentally ill ! They all display the same violent childish hate displayed by crazy liberal democrats .

  • My ears have a difficult time picking out the individual words in parts of those recordings. The congresswoman should consider adding subtitles for those of us with less than perfect hearing.

  • We have a Constitutional Republic with Democratic processes, not just a simple Democracy. Please stop saying “democracy” all the time. This is from Bill Klinton’s term where he constantly used that term to brainwash others into using it. Remember, even Russia has a simple Democracy where laws can be changed from one day to the next by a 51 percent majority vote. That is how they march folks out to the wall and shoot them. A hero today, but dead meat tomorrow. That’s a Democracy.

    Yes, the press is a bunch of Bolshevik Commies, as you say. The callers should be wishing their threats on these Bolshevik enablers and agitators, not you.

    I voted for the Trumpster, but quickly discovered he was just a player three days after being sworn in. He’s part of the virtual soap opera where he is the GOOD COP in the GOOD COP/BAD COP hoax on the American people. And remember, the GOOD COP wants to arrest you as fervently as the BAD COP does, he’s just the half that blows smoke up your Azz to screw with your head to make you think he’s on YOIUR side! haha. Wake up sheeple.

    If The Trumpster REALLY cared for us, he would have written a BLANKET EO to PARDON all the Jan 6th crowd, as he still had another 14 days in office. And HE was the one who ASKED YOU to come to DC to SUPPORT HIM! But no, he did nothing at all but tuck his tail between his legs and go to Florida. Not to mention doing NOTHING about the illegal/fraud election he just went thru. He’s a PLAYER. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Although my view of Congress is not good at all, these callers are sick demented people who need to seek help.
    Congress has let the people and country down by not demanding that most executive orders established by presidents be null and void, as law MUST go through congress and not a dictator.
    Congress has been asleep for decades and has been quiet far too long. The people just want representation not play acting members of congress. I’m not talking about deciding which perv wants to use a bathroom. I’m talking real issues concerning every day catastrophes like our border being completely open to criminals and aliens!

  • Since when does saying someone SHOULD be shot constitute a death threat. Im sure some people in the comments will say “damned commies” while people in their own camp say the same thing. FYI I don’t subscribe to the bipartisan two party dictatorship that owns this country as a front for the corporate establishment.

  • Take care, dear lady. Some fools worship their British Empire Council on Foreign Relations programmed television sets like it is the spirit of their long dead grandmothers. It is a sickness, one easily cured by socialization including redirecting them into the reality of that which the CFR distorts for purposes of seditious propaganda. Have a staffer read: The Congressional Quarterly, 1917, Honorable Representative Oscar Callaway, The Council on Foreign Relations. In this report to congress, Callaway’s staff presents DOCUMENTS from the CFR that PROVE that the 1911 purpose for founding the CFR(NOT 1921), was to “buy up the top influential newspapers of the U.S. to create public debate and thus control the minds of the American public”. H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”. I believe this observation to be true.

  • Democrat party leftists and far leftists are always threatening to kill people. Why would they think that Marjorie Taylor Greene is an exception. when they tweeted wanting to kill someone as harmless as the 15 year old kid Nick Sandman for smiling, at some clown who was beating a drum eight inches from his face? Some people would have floored the idiot.

  • anytime I’ve called my rep… there has never been an option to leave a message…especially not a 3 min message. So this is a lie. Have YOU called your rep lately? Could you leave a message? Use your brain people.

  • What is heinous is a scalawag Republican in the congress from an ex-confederate state. Never forgive re-construction!

  • Traitors, too stupid to understand the Eric Swalwell, Hunter Biden, possibly the President and politicians on both sides in Congress are completely bought off by China, not Russia. Russia is irrelevant and focused on to divert attention from China. That’s my opnion

  • I’d say, there is maybe more than one demon or two talking. You know, the ones who know they are bound for hell, already.

    This website is great, I copied portions about the vax pass/jewish segregation, and appreciate the report of Japan’s allowing of informed consent to receive a vax. Interestingly, Japan already made cheap preventive drugs available to everyone and there were great results. Interesting that S.Africa also supplied cheap drugs to everyone, recently said ‘no thanks ‘ to more Pfizer, then two days after that ‘omicron’ was discovered among the vaxxed. And travel bans. Wow.

  • we are fighting against demons those are not human beings ! just know you and all who fight against the principalities of the underworld are in our prayers and we know in the end WE WIN! PRAISE YAHUAH! HALELUYAH!


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