Youth Resistance: German Children Protest Compulsory Coronavirus Masks in Schools (Watch)

“We’ve had headaches, and it makes it difficult to learn anything…”

The German government is forcing children in schools across the country to wear compulsory coronavirus face masks. Mask requirements have been met with resistance from parents in the form of law suits, petitions and medical certificates from doctors who themselves doubt the sense and protective value of masks.

Parents are responsible for procuring masks for their children to wear at school. Violation of the mask requirement can lead to expulsion from school. “If students constantly fail to adhere to the new regulations, either in class or other school areas – they will receive expulsion from the school or a temporary reprimand” said School Minister Yvonne Gebauer.

In the following RAIR Foundation USA translated video, a school refuses to teach children who are not wearing masks. The children’s father is forced to pick them up from school, and the school staff refuses to speak with the father, and even accuses the children’s father of “threatening” the principle just for asking questions. The school informs the father they have called police, to which the father responds, “You are more than welcome to, because I have filmed everything.”

Frustrated young school children have joined in the mass resistance taking place across Germany and are holding their own protests against masks. Children report they are tired of suffering from negative health consequences due to their schools mandated requirements. Furthermore, they are fed-up with politicians and school agencies making decisions for them while never listening to their concerns.

Watch the following RAIR translated clip of the children’s protest :

Germany’s Professional Association of Pediatricians, sees serious problems with children having to wear masks in schools, “Wearing a face mask in class doesn’t make sense. Wearing a mask for a long time impairs the performance of pupils, ”says the president of the professional association of pediatricians, Thomas Fischbach. In addition, communication is disrupted if there is no proper eye contact between students and teachers.

Germany continues to have the some of the largest and most frequent protests against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governments tyrannical coronavirus restrictions. Germans have long known that Merkel has totalitarian instincts. Many Germans have long feared that If given the chance, Merkel would try to establish total control over society. Could their fears be coming to fruition? Is Merkel using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship?

Read the following RAIR articles on Germany and the coronavirus, ranging from mandatory and forced vaccinations, to politicians warning of the false information being spread by Merkel’s government:

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the video translation:

Video #1:


Hey, you two. You don’t need to sit here. You aren’t locked up.

Nobody can take your freedom away.

They should have sent you directly home. We as parents won’t pick you up in the future.

I’m sorry. What happened? Would you like to explain what happened?


Let me tell it. The teacher just told us to go to the principal.


That’s what you did, but I told you it’s better not to do that.


Yes, but in this situation it was impossible. —OK. —So we waited here.

My teacher came and just sent me here. 


—OK. So let’s ask.

[Father and school office staff]

Good morning. —Good morning. —So, is it correct that my children aren’t being educated?

Please. [gesturing towards the principal’s office] —Good, even better!

[Father and School Principle]

Good morning, Mrs. Welk. My children aren’t being educated? —Excuse me, who are you?

I’m Mr. Nicolaus. —Mr. Nicolaus, would you please wait outside? OK? The way you just show up here.

I’m going to ban you from the school property. Please go. —Aha, OK.

I just wanted some information, because my children are sitting over there. —Yes, exactly.

So what should we do now with the children? —You wait outside. Your wife was informed.

You wait outside, Mr. Nicolaus. —I just spoke on the phone with my wife.

Mr. Nicolaus, please leave. —And what about my children? I should take them with me? Is that it?

All I wanted to know is if I should send them to school tomorrow,

or is it pointless? —You’ve read my email.

And you’ve read mine. How many masks have you examined for their effectiveness?

This conversation has ended for me. —

You aren’t even having a conversation with me. —No, I’m not.

Well, that’s too bad, because… —

Mr. Nicolaus, please leave my office or I will call for help. Please leave now. —

Yeah? Really? —

You leave now. —

I have a question for the future.

Frau Zuska, please call the office of public order. —Yes.

You can go right ahead and do that. I only wanted a clear statement about whether I should 
send my children to school tomorrow or not. Do I continue to send them every day, that’s all?

I’ll sort it out. —

Will you give me any information about that? I’m leaving now with my children.

I’m only here to pick them up, but do we have play this game everyday now?

My children are required to go to school. That’s what this is about. Y’know?

Too bad. I’ll send them to school again tomorrow, but I don’t want to play this game everyday, OK?

[School Principle calling security]

Hello, good morning. I’m being threatened right now. —Oh, OK.

Mr. Nicolaus is in my office and won’t leave my office. I left my office and closed the door.


I asked my secretary to call the office of public order.


You are more than welcome to, because I have filmed everything. Bye.

Video #2:

So, schoolchildren are standing here to say that they don’t agree with compulsory masks.

As we said earlier, we’ve had headaches, and it makes it difficult to learn anything,
and makes it totally useless to go to school anyway.

Very good.

You should talk to us children about it, because we’re the ones affected by it. Will you talk 
to us?

Oh man, they sit in their offices and say nothing.

I hate masks! Raise your hand and show us who you really are.

Very good! Bravo! — Bravo! More! Bring more children to speak!

We hate masks!

Free the mouths of our children!

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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