Zemmour on COVID-19: 'Immigrant neighborhoods started to revolt - there is already looting in the supermarkets' (WATCH)

“They don’t want to respect the quarantine. This could end very badly.” Eric Zemmour

In this RAIR Foundation USA, exclusively translated video, Eric Zemmour, addresses the migrant community’s dangerous and violent refusal to cooperate with voluntarily measures to control the spread of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in France.

Watch Zemmour on the show, Face à l’Info, on March 17, 2020.
Eric Zemmour

Zemmour, is an Algerian-born French Jew, a best-selling author, journalist, lecturer and the most famous conservative intellectual in France. Zemmour has faced endless persecution by the French government for his views on Islam, immigration, feminism, homosexuality, and the preservation of western civilization.

Zemmour explains that the leaders of France, to their credit, managed to convince the public to obey the needed procedures, such as quarantine and social distancing, to help reduce the Chinese coronavirus risk to the public.

Zemmour notes that persuasion was effective rather than passing harsh measures that would force these behaviors on the public.

The problem is that the migrant population is revolting against these measures and persuasion simply did not work. The consequences are already very serious with looting of grocery stores and other dangerous behaviors.

This is what happens when large numbers of people from fundamentally different cultures and different core-values are allowed to immigrate to our countries.

Civilization is about voluntary cooperation for the common good, and deferred gratification for a better future. This means a willingness to suppress those things we want immediately. Something which many of those from hostile cultures will not do.

The law abiding and the cooperative always end up with the worst hand since the security services and politicians know they believe that “we are all in it together”. While those from hostile cultures are playing each man for himself.

In the most general terms, this is the difference between civilization, and Islamic values. These differences make themselves known more each day, but in these times of a pandemic which requires the most calm and cooperation, we see it in the starkest of contrast.

Video Transcript:

[Quote from President Pompidou] Governing is coercion.

One really has the impression that Emmanuel Macron, by doing so, is very modern. 
He doesn’t manage to coerce, actually, to be more precise, he doesn’t manage to admit he is coercing.

HOST: He convinces rather than coerces.

Yes, but in this case we have to coerce. We can see it precisely, there are already problems.

In Saint Denis, as you have seen, in the 18th arrondissement, at the Duchère in Lyon, there are already many people in the immigrant neighborhoods who have started to revolt.

They don’t want to respect the quarantine. This could end very badly. There is already looting in the supermarkets.

In the big supermarkets. Here’s it’s not about convincing, it’s about coercion

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation

Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad



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