Doctor: 'Covid Patients Treated with Anti-Inflammatories Immediately Reduce Risk of Hospitalization by 90%' (Video)

“Among my patients, so many are unvaccinated.” – Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi, a.k.a. “The Covid Healer”, is an Italian physician who has specialized in the early treatment of the virus since the beginning of the “pandemic”.

In the following video, Dr. Stramezzi appears on Myrta Merlino’s talk show L’aria che tira to discuss the ineffectiveness of “vaccines” compared with his Covid treatment regimen.


Host: Myrta Merlino

Answer, please! The people who usually claim that vaccines don’t work are also those who say that treatments are what matter the most.

I have nothing against medical treatments, I think they are essential. Go ahead.

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

I beg your pardon, Mrs. Merlino. If you read my post attentively, I have pointed out something else.

It deals with an RNA virus, so it constantly mutates.

There haven’t been only the Omicron variant, the Delta one, the British one, the Brazilian one.

It keeps mutating. It is like the flu vaccine.

We are vaccinating people with a vaccine that has been made, created, and patented based on the Wuhan virus from 2019. That’s insane."

Vaccination would be perfect, if… 

Host: Myrta Merlino

I understood that, but actually, now that there is the Omicron variant, the vaccinated people may catch Covid but won’t become seriously ill.

That’s a great start, in my opinion. 

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

That’s not entirely true. Unfortunately, people can still become ill; trust me.

Among my patients, so many are unvaccinated.

But there are also people who got the third dose; trust me.

That’s not the point. When Pfizer releases the updated vaccine against the Omicron variant next March, this will be effective, unless a new variant appears.

Host: Myrta Merlino

Excuse me doctor: why do you have so many unvaccinated patients?

Do they choose you, because they are unvaccinated?

Do they trust you more than other physicians? Why is that?

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

I don’t know. 

Host: Myrta Merlino

Because I have so many friends who are physicians, I even interview them, they tell me that…

Second Host

If you go to another physician, the first thing you hear from them is: “Get vaccinated!”.

Whereas the doctor here follows another procedure.

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

I will not tell a sick person to get vaccinated, please!

Another Guest Chimes In 

Very good job! 

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi

No, please, try to stay focused on what I am saying.

The people who come to me are symptomatic patients; they are ill.

It is not the right time for them to get vaccinated.

I need to cure them first! If we treated all the symptomatic patients from the first or the second day of the disease onwards, our hospitals would be empty.

Why? Even Professor Remuzzi’s and Professor Suter’s latest research, from Mario Negri Institute, has confirmed that.

If we give patients anti-inflammatories at least, from the first or the second day of the disease, even before a positive swab, the risk of hospitalization is reduced by 90%.

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi 

Let’s listen to another doctor, too, about this matter.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Yeah, so every day we discover:
    Just about EVERYTHING works against COVID….
    except the mRNA jabs falsely called “vaccines”.

  • OMG…..I live in Italy…..and this so-called talkshow is a 100% mud-fight event.
    Those “hosts” are the worst of the worst of the sellouts. I can not even stand the sheer sight of this woman and the other puppets there.
    It has been outrageous in the last winter….what the unvaxxed had to endure caused by this public demagogues.
    Dr. Stramezzi….who is a real hero… incredibly brave to even go to this sh..t-show continuously. He obviously knows that the sheeple masses still watch this garbage and so he has to go there to even try to wake them up. Those “people” never even let the guest talk. It is a CONSTANT and planned interruption of the guest……many people choose to not go there…..even if they have ALL the evidence….they just get shouted over. HELP!! Things are so bad in Italy!! We have to stop this worldwide nightmare.


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