France: Man screaming “Allahu Akbar” stabs a woman & beats another at a school

France: Man screaming “Allahu Akbar” stabs a woman & beats another at a school

France: Man screaming “Allahu Akbar” stabs a woman & beats another at a school

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  • On September 11, 2019
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Source: CNnet

September 7, 2019: Marseille, France.

As usual, the violent attacker was known to police and probably just suffering from “mental illness”….

Video Transcript:

Around 6 o’clock this morning the gate of this school is open. A 17-year-old man penetrates the premises; once inside he stabs one cafeteria employee [female] with a knife or scissors.

Another cafeteria employee [female] tries to intervene. The man punches her —
with his fist — in the face before running away. The life of the first employee, who was stabbed with a sharp weapon, isn’t in danger, even though she was wounded in the upper chest. 

She says that the perpetrator allegedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar!”, which incidentally still has to be confirmed in the context of his remarks, which seemed confused. 

Around 8:30am the suspect was finally arrested here, 200m [656ft] away from school. —He launched himself at the police vehicle. Directly. In underpants, all naked, naturally.

The man was placed under temporary arrest. His motives are unknown for now, but the hypothesis is being put forward that he is a ‘mentally unbalanced individual’. A psychiatric examination will be conducted. 

In the neighborhood the inhabitants are in shock. Several times we talked to the management concerning the lack of security, whether at the gate, or in the morning when classes start early; in the evening at 6pm we feel alone as well. 

Voilà, we are all very shocked by what happened. —Can you imagine, if this happened during school hours? Or during lunch hour? He attacked “aunties”; he could have attacked children as well. I think this isn’t normal. Me, today, I don’t want my son — and not only my son, also other children — in school! —The school will stay closed today.

On Monday the municipal police will be there to secure the arrival and the dismissal of the students.

Source: CNnet

Many thank to Ava Lon for her translation.

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Native jo
Mentally unbalanced?? Again? There are too many foreigners who are unbalanced in the West

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