Dire Warning: Prominent Virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Exposes 'Major Risks' of Gene-Altering Vaccine (Video)

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi outlines ‘four major risks’ of the vaccine currently being distributed in America and the UK.

*See Update.

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is warning German citizens about the detrimental effects of the gene-altering Chinese Coronavirus vaccine. During a recent appearance on the German series “Corona Quartett,” Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi outlined “four major risks” of the vaccine currently being distributed in certain locations.

While the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is “already approved in the United States and the United Kingdom”,* German Health Minister Jens Spahn expects German approval to come on December 27, and will launch massive vaccination efforts that same day.

*Update: The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has only received “Emergency Use Authorization”, and “has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

1.) Elderly Citizens are at Risk!

The first striking observation made by Dr. Bhakdi was that the vaccine, “developed in partnership with US pharma giant Pfizer” was not tested on individuals that are most likely to die of the coronavirus: elderly people with pre-existing conditions. In fact, Dr. Bhakdi specifically points out that the test subjects were “young, healthy people”. Still, “half of them had fever, chills, muscle aches, aching limbs, headaches, and they felt sick,” said the doctor.

The narrator, Austrian journalist Michael Fleischhacker asked incredulously, “[S]o there weren’t enough test subjects with similar conditions to those who are receiving the vaccination now?” “None,” Dr. Bhakdi responded. “None of test subjects had pre-existing conditions,” he continued.

It does not take a rocket scientist to consider the extreme danger of administering a hastily-created, gene-altering vaccine to a health-compromised population, when there were marked side effects for “young, healthy people”. Still, “[P]riority will given to seniors in care homes, Berlin city government announced,” reports Deutsche Welle (DW).

2.) The Danger of a Gene-Altering Vaccine (mRNA)

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains that the second “major risk” is the fact that the gene-altering Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccination “can cause very serious allergic reactions.” The mRNA is described at the CDC as “a new type of vaccine to protect against infectious diseases,” and Bhakdi has warned that this type of vaccine is “still unknown scientifically and medically.”

Back in September, RAIR Foundation quoted the doctor as saying that the coronavirus vaccine in development “isn’t a normal conventional vaccine, and it’s not like the flu vaccine.” He observed the irony that while many people are against “genetically modified food,” a vaccination “that genetically manipulates the human body” does not appear to garner concern.

The flu shot is known for putting a “weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies” in order to help build a body’s natural immunity to the virus. This is not the case with a mRNA vaccine, which uses existing cells to create a protein “found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19” that triggers an immune response, according to the CDC.

The immune response in turn “produces antibodies” that protect against the virus. While there are “no licensed mRNA vaccines in the United States,” the CDC assures Americans that “researchers have been studying and working with them for decades…”

3.) Coronavirus Vaccine Can Cause ‘an Explosive Immune Overreaction’

The third risk from the coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Bhakdi explains, is that it can “contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent naturally occurring infections.” Bhakdi continues to say that the potential overreaction can also affect “other viruses” as well.

Bhakdi states:

“…strangely enough, this vaccine can contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent
naturally occurring infections. And not just with this virus, also with other viruses, such as a
flu virus. It causes an explosive immune overreaction.”

The Virologist stated that tests on animals “showed that there was amplification of the immune system reaction to the disease.” He continues: “The animals that were vaccinated nearly died. This is an immense danger.”

Dr. Bhakdi explains that “Once a gene-based vaccination is injected in your arm, within minutes the vaccine (mRNA) spreads throughout your body.”

4.) Risk of Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Bhakdi’s fourth “major risk” is the possiblity of autoimmune disease, which he also explains in detail here. The doctor explains that an “offshoot” of autoimmune disease is “actually embolismic disturbance which can cause death, theoretically, and female infertility.”

Without hesitation, Dr. Backdi continues: “These are theoretical things that are already written in black and white.”

Earlier this month, RAIR Foundation USA reported that the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s equivalent of America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appeared to be preparing citizens for inevitable deaths that will take place following the administration of the vaccine. Prof. Lothar H. Wieler assured citizens that “on average 2,500 – 2,700 people die in Germany each day” and therefore, deaths that people may want to attribute to the coronavirus vaccine could be due to “another pre-existing disease” as they will be administered to the “elderly and extremely elderly.”

The irony, of course, is that while the German government prepares citizens for inevitable deaths from the coronavirus vaccine, the actual mortality rate of the virus is difficult to find.  “You won’t be able to find the answer [actual mortality rate], because you’ll only get an answer if you search the reports from the RKI [Robert Koch Institute] and calculate the number yourself,” Dr. Bhakti previously observed.

Watch the exclusively-translated video here:

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation!

Dr. Bhakti:

This vaccination potentially has four major risks, and if we don’t discuss them, here and now,
then it will be too late.

First of all, this is a gene-based vaccine. The one approved in England, and that will probably
be approved in Europe soon, has four major risks.

Firstly, the vaccination alone causes side effects that are very serious. They [test subjects]
were young, healthy people, and half of them had fever, chills, muscle aches, aching limbs,
headaches, and they felt sick.

So now, if you go and give this to elderly people with pre-existing conditions, a vaccination of
this kind, well, I don’t want to imagine what will happen to them.

So there weren’t enough test subjects with similar conditions to those who are receiving the
vaccination now?


None of test subjects had pre-existing conditions.

The second risk: This vaccine has several components.

The substance that encapsulates it (mRNA) can cause very serious allergic reactions

Thirdly, strangely enough, this vaccine can contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent
naturally occurring infections. And not just with this virus, also with other viruses, such as a
flu virus. It causes an explosive immune overreaction.

Tests done on animals for SARS-COV-1 showed that there was amplification of the immune system reaction to the disease. The animals that were vaccinated nearly died.

This is an immense danger.

Once a gene-based vaccination is injected in your arm, within minutes the vaccine (mRNA) spreads throughout your body.

It also enters cells that normally wouldn’t be infected. There it starts the production of this
virus protein.

In your cells. Your cells become a factory. Let me tell you one thing…

Just briefly, could you tell us the fourth risk? You mentioned four.

—The fourth risk is autoimmune disease, and an offshoot of that is actually embolismic disturbance which can cause death, theoretically, and female infertility. These are theoretical things that are already written in black and white.

Let me just finish. On the vaccine package insert, from Biontech, it even says that pregnant
woman aren’t allowed to be vaccinated, because vaccine injury cannot be ruled out.

And if a young woman decides to get vaccinated, she should avoid becoming pregnant for two months.

That’s what it says already. It’s never been tested in experiments, and should have been.
This should have been looked into a long time ago.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • My husband has the blood cancer multiple myeloma. He went to his oncologist appointment today and his NP told him he needed to get the vaccine. She bragged that she got it. He and I have already said we are not getting it. It blows my mind that they are pushing this poison on people. He already takes a chemo med that alters his cells….I can’t imagine what this vaccine would do to him. I don’t think anyone should take it.

  • While the virus Covid-19 and the fear created surrounding it is real, the death and disaster claimed to come from it is not. Look around you … you don’t need a vaccination for a virus with a %99.96 survival rate. This whole thing is fishy … the virus, the hype, the over-the-top Government reactions, all of it is crazy. Do not take this vaccine, just don’t. Don’t let family and friends take it either.

    • You are completely right. I believe that this vaccine was rushed and what are scientists and big pharma great for? Experimentation. I don’t want to be a Guinea pig.

  • My husband is in a Memory Care Facility which is first in line to get the vaccine. I refused to give it to my husband. I will not be taking it either.
    However a large majority at his facility will be. I have gotten plenty of flack for not “helping the community” by refusing it. I pray for all those people who are getting the vaccine who are not able to consent or reject the vaccine on their own. To give this to the most vulnerable population and basically use them as guinea pigs is sickening.

  • “It’s never been tested in experiments, and should have been. This should have been looked into a long time ago.”

    A long time ago? 9 months ago? Think of this. You’re watching your favorite anti-Trump show and it breaks for a commercial. There is an ad for some wonder drug that will treat your health dilemma. Next, there is a 45 second disclaimer on all of the side effects. This vaccine has no 45 second disclaimer. Everybody just walks in, gets a shot and lives happily ever after.

    What prescription meds are not safe when taken with the vaccine? How long is the vaccine effective? One and done? An annual booster?

    I’ll take my chances with the fake disease.

  • My daughter is 33 and my daughter-in-law is 30. Both hope to start a family in the next few years. How can they fight a mandatory vaccine required for their jobs?
    Having saved every article I can find describing the adverse effects of this “new” vaccine will not be enough for them to refuse it. What excuse could possibly work for them?

  • Thank you so much for this information!
    We all need to write to the department of equal opportunity to, they just announced that people might not be able to work if they refuse vaccine. That smacks of discrimination on health grounds , ironically.

  • This information needs to be made mandatory reading for anyone taking the vaccine and those responsible for seniors or children need to sign forms stating they accept the responsibility for any consequences. I’m assuming these drug companies pushing the vaccine along with Fauci and Bill Gates are open for law suits? I have grandkids with children who have been brainwashed by the media, etc. and believe they need to be vaccinated. I’m not sure hearing it from me makes as much difference than if they were to have to read it before receiving the shot. At 81 and my husband 87 – we will not be taking it, although we do get yearly flu shots.

    This vaccine issue has become so volatile we read of Airlines requiring proof of vaccine to fly their airlines, Liberals who believe the shots need to be mandated and proof carried that you have had it. The whole world is bowing to a sick entity within the medical/science field — with WHO, CDC, Fauci, Birx, Bill Gates leading the charge. God help us.

  • I think its just a depopulation plan 1 and two people like Bill Gates and all these globalist criminals should all be d3alt with they are making money on peoples deaths

    • It’s only the beginning, read the UN’S AGENDA 2030. IT explains the implementation of one world government, needs to be done quickly and by any means necessary. Explains how global investors and hand picked leaders from each country will be the leaders. Essentially it’s all about global warming, saving the earth. Even gives % each country will be responsible to pay to the one world government. Sounds like a humanitarian solution but just use your brain and read between the lines. Incredible this is public information and it seems noone knows or cares?

  • I am from the UK and have 4 autoimmune issues to start with i have lived with nerve pain for 35 years of my life i am now 54 so most of my life i only found out that the issues i have are caused by congenital issues in 2012 why the hell would i want to get that poison pumped into my arm to make my autoimmune system go off the scale when i am taking immunesuppresants to calm my autoimmune issues down!!!

    • Ja William, alleen van God. Hij heerst over leven en dood en het zijn niet Bill Gates en George Soros die hierover gaan. Zij denken de plaats van God te kunnen innemen en gedragen zich ook als zodanig. Maar uiteindelijk moeten ook zij voor de troon van God verschijnen. De Bijbel leert ons ook nadrukkelijk waar dit zal eindigen. Wij worden geroepen om de Naam van Onze God groot te maken !! Doe je mee?

  • If ir were detrimental to human health why is this half baked vaccine is promoted across the globe at all ? ? It shall be horrendous case of the medicine being worse than the pandemic itself !

  • The 5th problem – not mentioned – with the vaccine is that due to the rush to market, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine ANY longterm effects, and in fact any effects that might arise beyond a few months. This will forever be known as Fauci’s Folly.

  • N’oubliez pas ….de voter macron , ou meleonchion, ou marine , ou hamon, ou dupont ,,,

    mais ne votez jamais Philipot ou Asselineau , restez soumis a l’ue et usa et israel
    moi je vis a l’etranger et je suis heureux de ne pas etre en france terre devenue musulmane et juive satanique

  • A few years ago our daughter suffered with ITP. Basically this is a malfunctioning immune system which can result in serious health conditions. She has been advised by her doctor not to have any covid vaccines.

  • Look at this and see where you are standing
    Open Heaven Worship
    Faith is by hearing and by The Hearing of the Word of God. And not reading or hearing another person.

  • 1. We had an in-depth prayer meeting on December 31,2020 in the night in Holland and I saw the president of China, his legs were cut off then his arms were cut off.
    2. Then I saw Holy Spirit go throughout the communist party as they were meeting and was revealed to each person.
    3. Then I saw Holy Spirit go through the parliament of Holland and was revealed to each person.
    4. The I saw Holy Spirit go to the parliament of Germany and was revealed to each person.
    5. Then I saw Holy Spirit go through the Senate of the United States and was revealed to each person.
    6. Then I saw Holy Spirit go through the House of the United States and was revealed to each person.
    7. Then I saw President Trump and the Lord said “He is my child, and I saw Vice President Pence in the same way.

  • About a month ago the Lord spoke to me and said “you can not have it”. We have been to Holland twice in the last four months to visit my wife’s mom. We have taken the test both times before leaving. Just because she is 87 years old. We will be flying back next week to USA. Hallelujah

  • Notice that a lot of women have been going into high positions in companies and most of all in high government positions, like the congress of USA. All women know they have Intuition to bring forth life and to nurture. But there are higher levels for themselves in doing the right decision in their personal life and than there is an even higher level because they want to nurture and clean up their country because they are seeing from God’s perspective to be in The Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
    The Lord showed me that this morning.
    Understand with awareness knowing from your heart that earthly men try to rule beforehands what God is going to set up and they always make it worse because of self and greed and because they do not have God’s Perspective in their decisions. Women will rule from the throne of God on the earth and clean up what man have been destroying. Then Godly man and woman will be one again in God’s Perspectives.

  • You cannot sue them if it goes wrong. You cannot sue anyone who has deali gs with this vaccine eg pharmaceutical companies, ur GP hospital anyone who administers them. Take this ay ur own perl.

  • The Lord Spoke to me and said

    Jan 8
    11:00 Am Holland “I Am not Finished”

    12:48 I ask what can I do and was spoken “I do it ALL”.

  • People look up and see that we do have someone who looks up too! This world now is perverted and sick. People are crazy the rich means the multi trillions heirs are in control. They are not fearful of anything and one of them will rise – up as a anti christ. Then you will understand but it will be too late! Please come back to our Creator when there is still little time. Amen

  • Is there hope for those who received a first dose and then discovered this information? Is there anything we can do to mitigate the first dose of a Pfizer vaccine? I will not get the 2nd.

  • I’m not going to be vaccinated. I’m 71 and doing fine with all my health issues. I was diagnosed 2012 with ovarian cancer. I was given 2 years but I’m still here and doing good. The chemo trashed my kidneys, stage 3 kidney failure. But I’m doing good and handling it. I was in kona HI 2 years ago and had a heart attack when getting ready to dive. 5 stents, flew home , I had another heart attack and then a stroke. I was lucky enough to be at the Dr which help my recovery of the stroke. I now have 6 stents and doing good. I am blessed and I will continue to keep on enjoying life. THIS covid doesn’t scare me one damn bit. Maybe there are some that will think I’m crazy. But I’m an american and this whole “pandemic” thing has left me thinking there is some unanswered questions and no answers. Just remember that you know your body better than anyone and unless you have mental issues you need to make the choice that’s best for you. I’m old and have seen a lot, I’m not ready to have fauci, gates, or some corrupt career politicians to tell me what I have to do for the greater”good”. Just think about this it’s a 98.99 percent survival. The at risk SHOULD have been sheltered and helped, but we have lost businesses that will not come back, school time lost and one more thing freedom of choice. These corrupt career politicians were NEVER in this with the American people.

  • No job can Can make it mandatory to get the vaccine. It is said if they lose there job due to refusing the vaccine you can sue the employer and they have to pay all wages from termination until finding new employment. They can not mandate anything that is not FDA APPROVED and this vaccine is for emergency use authorization…BIG DIFFERENCE


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